Asics trainers – great running and all around shoes

I’ve had a ton of shoes growing up, from basketball sneakers and cross trainers to running shoes and hiking boots. The one type of shoes that lasted me the longest, let me do the most, and were absolutely comfortable were my asics trainers.

Asics is a Japanese company founded in 1949 and have recently exploded in North America with their trainers, including asics gel trainers such as the asics gel kayano 15. (This was my favorite shoe, ever).

I’m not an expert at product or shoe reviews, but if you are looking for a comfortable shoe that you can do pretty much anything in, (I toured Europe for 10 days, ran a half marathon, and even got away at the clubs with these things) I can’t recommend asics trainers enough.

I purchased my first pair of asics trainers when I was in grade 11 and abused the hell out of them during track and field and cross country. I bought the exact same pair when I was in first year university that lasted me easily 3 years of tough use. I would have purchased another pair of asics trainers then, but I couldn’t find the same pair, and the sale prices got the best of me!

Versatile and Dependable

This is one of the main things I look for in a shoe or sneaker. I don’t like changing shoes all the time between activities. The same shoe I wear to play a pick up basketball game, I also want to be able to run a 5k jog in. I was able to do all that and more with my trainers.

I didn’t think twice wearing these shoes downtown to the pubs and bars with a nice pair of shorts in the summer, and where other people might have been weary of wearing trainers for a basketball game, I played both pick up and highly competitive games while wearing these shoes.


Very important aspect of a shoe is how comfortable it is. It can get all the great reviews it wants, but if it doesn’t fit your foot well, it’s worthless. My trainers fit extremely well and were very comfortable. When it comes to an all-purpose shoe, I haven’t had a more comfortable cross trainer or running shoe.

That said, I don’t have wide feet, nor flat ones. I have slim size 10s with high arches. I’m not sure how asics trainers would feel if I flat or wide feet – so if you do, I’d recommend trying a pair on before purchasing.

They don’t smell any worse than others

I sweat a lot, so naturally, my feet stink. I have a pair of vibram five finger shoes that stink worse than anything. The one thing I did enjoy about my asics was that they didn’t stink too much (I’m not saying they smelt like roses, but I didn’t have to keep them outside at night).

Finding cheap asics trainers

I hate buying shoes. I think it’s because I hate shopping though. That said, I love buying things, shoes included. Once I found my size and fit, I decided to buy all my shoes online. I typically check out manufacturer websites for the latest models and reviews, and then order from Amazon or another trusted site with a return or replacement guarantee if they don’t fit, etc. I’ll stress that it’s important to know how your feet fit in a brand’s shoe before you decide to buy online. My feet fit differently in my asics trainers than they did in my Nike basketball sneakers.

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