P90x workout schedule

I have attempted P90x twice so far, the longest of which I lasted about 20 days. I won’t lie, it’s a hardcore program and the p90x workout schedule is pretty intense. You need to dedicated between one and two hours a day, but the benefits definitely outweigh the inconveniences. I have purchased the p90x program, […]

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Asics trainers – great running and all around shoes

I’ve had a ton of shoes growing up, from basketball sneakers and cross trainers to running shoes and hiking boots. The one type of shoes that lasted me the longest, let me do the most, and were absolutely comfortable were my asics trainers. Asics is a Japanese company founded in 1949 and have recently exploded […]

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Yoga pants – finding the perfect pair

One of my favorite exercises, which I started doing more of the second time I attempted the p90x workout, is yoga. It is by far the most uncomfortable exercise I ever started. I remember the first time I went to lift weights and remember thinking of how sore I was the next day – that […]

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Maxxus home gym – anything special?

Home gyms are a great way to get yourself into shape and lose some extra weight. I had someone ask me the other day whether or not I’ve ever worked out with a home gym. I had a smaller version of a home gym that provided a couple exercises when I was in high school, […]

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Stairmaster 4000pt – Watching TV and climbing stairs

I never could have imagined how much of a workout climbing stairs really was. I suppose I do remember living on the 20th floor having numerous fire drills – it almost got to a point where we thought risking it out weigh the hike up those 20 floors. All of that came rushing back tonight […]

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