P90x workout schedule

I have attempted P90x twice so far, the longest of which I lasted about 20 days. I won’t lie, it’s a hardcore program and the p90x workout schedule is pretty intense. You need to dedicated between one and two hours a day, but the benefits definitely outweigh the inconveniences. I have purchased the p90x program, […]

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Best Meal Replacement Shakes, Bars and More

When it comes to eating right, the one thing most people fail to do is get a large variety of food and nutrients that the body really needs. Some people will diet, but eat only one or two kinds of either a fruit or vegetable – most often the only kind they actually enjoy eating. […]

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The lemonade diet – is it worth it?

The first time I ever encountered a cleansing diet was when my mom got back from a trip to Europe and was introduced to a detox diet after attending a Tony Robbin’s seminar. I’m not sure if it was because of the seminar or not, but that’s when I started investigating what my mom used […]

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Fasting to lose weight – healthy or harmful?

Fasting to lose weight is unfortunately a popular weight loss method. The framework for this “diet” – if you really want to call it that – is to withhold food or drink of any kind, with the exception of water, for an extended period of time in hopes that your body will burn your stored […]

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The best low fat diet plan

I am definitely not one to start and stop a variety of diets. I typically like to work on healthy eating habits that will lead to the results that I am looking for. That said, I have tried a variety of “out of the book” diets with a variety of success and failure. I have […]

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Easy diets to follow: their importance in weight loss

There are a countless number of diets available out there in books, online, and even popping up on a daily basis. This begs the question of what makes a diet a good diet? Personally, whenever I used to go on “diets” I would rarely ever last more than a couple weeks before giving up or […]

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HCG diet dangers: what you should know and expect

I remember watching Dr Oz a while back and seeing a show on the HCG diet. He had brought a number of people on his show, some of whom had excellent success with this new diet, while others had horror stories about it. This was the first time I remember hearing about this diet – […]

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Best weight loss pills: our look at what works and what doesn’t

There are many options of weight loss pills on the market today, some that can be found from your local nutrition store, some that doctors prescribe, as well as some that are only found on the internet. Many people search for that miracle, rapid weight loss pill that can be taken without diet and exercise […]

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