Best Meal Replacement Shakes, Bars and More

When it comes to eating right, the one thing most people fail to do is get a large variety of food and nutrients that the body really needs. Some people will diet, but eat only one or two kinds of either a fruit or vegetable – most often the only kind they actually enjoy eating. […]

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Fat burning foods – what to eat and when to eat it

You’re here because you are looking for the best fat burning foods. You aren’t alone. I have had many people ask about the best ways they can use natural foods to burn fat. Through much reading, research, and testing I have found a great group of foods that can be used together or alone to […]

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The best low fat diet plan

I am definitely not one to start and stop a variety of diets. I typically like to work on healthy eating habits that will lead to the results that I am looking for. That said, I have tried a variety of “out of the book” diets with a variety of success and failure. I have […]

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Easy diets to follow: their importance in weight loss

There are a countless number of diets available out there in books, online, and even popping up on a daily basis. This begs the question of what makes a diet a good diet? Personally, whenever I used to go on “diets” I would rarely ever last more than a couple weeks before giving up or […]

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Green tea diet: benefits of drinking more green tea

I had recently done a bit of research on a variety of diets and how easy they are to follow. There are so many diets that pop up all over the place and one in particular I noticed while reading is the green tea diet. Do not be fooled by the name – you will […]

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Weight loss tea: burning calories by drinking tea

I can often be found kicking around David’s Tea or the World Tea House downtown enjoying a cup of tea and writing on my laptop. I find it a great way to get out and enjoy alternative scenery while benefiting my health in the mean time. I recently overheard a couple arguing about tea, specifically […]

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1000 calorie diet: is it possible?

There has been a lot of hype recently over a 1000 calorie diet. Low calorie diets are not a great way to lose weight – especially since most of the time you just end up starving yourself and losing lean muscle instead of fat. There has also recently been a lot of media attention on […]

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Healthy snacks for weight loss

Dieting sucks. No matter how much I write about the easy diets to follow, or sustaining a 1000 calorie diet, it just does not make it fun. I remember the first time I tried to change what I ate – I was great for eating well for breakfast, lunch, and supper, but I really dropped […]

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My 6 favourite healthy drinks

There are not enough healthy drinks out there, especially if your ultimate goal is to lose weight. Drinking calories is a very inefficient use of those calories when they could be spent on high protein foods or foods that increase metabolism. That said, there are some healthy drinks that you can choose to add a […]

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10 foods that increase metabolism

It is surprising how many people want to lose weight but do not put the time and effort into researching what the foods they are consuming are doing to their body. The best thing to do to lose weight is to dramatically optimize your diet so that you are constantly burning calories all day long. […]

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